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My top 10 Web 2.0 sites for 2007

Posted by murcha on December 29, 2007

Being an absolute beginner at web 2.0 until June, 2007, I am going to reflect on the 10 web 2.0 sites that I have enjoyed using most this year. I am following the lead of my friend Chrissy, Teaching Sagitarrian who helped start me on this amazing journey. See her favourite 5 web 2.0 in the classroom.

Mine are as follows but not necessarily in order of popularity:-

  1. http://del.icio.us.com this was where I started
  2. www.bubbl.us used widely for brainstorming
  3. blogs at www.wordpress.com with a lot of help and encouragement from Heather Blakey and Jess of technolote
  4. www.wikispaces.com used for classroom use and also for summarizing my ejourneys with the students.
  5. docs.google.com for online sharing of documents and spreadsheets with classes in other countries.
  6. www.skype.com – videoconferencing with powerful learning applications, used with NZ and Korea
  7. www.voki.com for fun, user protected podcast applications
  8. www.podomatic.com for hosting our student podcasts
  9. www.teachertube.com for hosting our videos
  10. www.surveymonkey.com for easily created online surveys

5 Responses to “My top 10 Web 2.0 sites for 2007”

  1. lorigloyd said

    This is a useful list, Anne. Bubble.us looks like a marvelous tool. And I have used SurveyMonkey on my real “day job”. It’s very helpful for gathering data. Thanks for posting this.

  2. This is a fabulous list Anne. We must work to have some of these links put on the side bar for easy reference for visitors to this blog. With a new year having arrived I am hoping that this blog will go from strength to strength.

  3. imogen88 said

    A great reference list, Anne.

  4. You are making some really great connections and documenting your own learning and growth of a Personal Learning Network. Do you sleep? Keep enjoying your journey, it’s an amazing one!!

  5. murcha said

    Thank you “teaching sagittarian” for visiting me. You will always have a very special place in my journeys because you were the very first person who contacted me from classroom2.0 and was willing to collaborate with me. When you drew up the wiki page for us to work on together, I was amazed and could see the potential that web 2.0 might have. The vokis were a fun way to introduce ourselves to each other but the time taken on our podcasting project meant we were late getting ours up.
    Our ICT showcase drew most primary school parents to our library, and your willingness to join us in a skype session was the climax of that session. It introduced parents to the global world via skype and they still talk about that videoconference today. I do hope that I can work with you this year, as I continue to journey on and follow you in your journeys. Thanks for your very special part in them.

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