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Uploading videos into WordPress

Posted by murcha on January 16, 2008

After spending a great deal of time taking photographs, importing them into Sony Vegas Moviestudio, I was ready to upload my digital story based on the fantasy world of Rainbow Beach into a posting in my blog. This video was created as a result of Le Enchanteur’s promptings.

However, after several hours I was still trying to embed it. First, I uploaded the video into www.teachertube.com because youtube refused to complete the uploading process.  I tried to copy the various codes from teachertube and place them in the post’s code section. Failed!

Then I noticed a note on the teachertube site alerting me to the fact that if I wanted to embed teacher tube into wordpress I had to place various codes into the theme section. That was no good to me as I am not at all technical. Tried youtube again but still no success. In desperation I emailed my yahoo group who are working on the joint blog, and Imogen made a sugestion that finally worked. I had to goto the upload section where images are uploaded, click on the videos tab and place the url in there. Again the teachertube url did not work.

My last resort was to try google video. This would be my first attempt at uploading to this site. Anyway, it was a fairly simple procedure and within a short time, my video uploaded. It was then quite simple to goto>upload>videos and paste the url code in that window. Click my mouse cursor where I wanted the video to go in the post writing section and choose send to editor. That worked!!!!

So voila, here it is…..!!!!

When my internet connection is stable, I shall try youtube as I am sure this would work as well. Now, I will have to work out what to do when I return to school as google video is probably blocked. Perhaps I could just stay on Rainbow Beach.


2 Responses to “Uploading videos into WordPress”

  1. mrsjohnson said

    Have you tried to use http://vodpod.com/wordpress?

  2. imogen88 said

    This is such a great tribute to perseverance, Anne! Congratulations on a fantastic video with all the trimmings.

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