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Blogging Question 1: A bl-what?

Posted by Jess Mc on March 6, 2008

Hello Telegraph readers! My name is Jess McCulloch and I teach LOTE Chinese at Hawkesdale P12 College in South West Victoria. I work with Anne Mirtschin who has written a few posts for this blog recently. Heather asked me to write some posts as well, so I’m going to start off with a series about blogging. This is the first of 6 posts. I’ll post one every couple of days.

This post just explains what a blog is, which most of your probably know already. Scroll down for the link to the Common Craft Show though as they have a great collection of videos that explain lots of Web 2.0 tools in plain English.

Fireworks in July
There has been a blogging explosion at my school! Woo hoo! It’s great. We’ve got kids blogging and some staff have jumped right in the blogging deep end too. It’s not all to do with LOTE. The kids are blogging about anything and everything for any subjects. Most of the students set up their blogs with our fabulous ICT teacher, Anne Mirtschin. She got them to use Global Student. I must commend Heather Blakey for the fantastic blogging community she has created for both students and teachers with Global Teacher/Global Student.

Blogging Question 1. What is a blog?

A blog (which is short for ‘weblog’) is a website that you can edit very easily. Each new entry that you write appears on the front page, above the previous entry. A blog is on the internet and available for anyone to read. A blog can be about anything, and there are blogs about everything! technoLOTE is a blog and I write about technology in the LOTE classroom. One of my other blogs, The Rise of Reflection, is more general reflections on lots of different things really.

Click here to let Lee Lefever of the Commoncraft Show explain exactly what a blog is in his video ‘Blogs in Plain English.’ Lee has also done videos on Social Networking, Wikis, RSS, and Social Bookmarking that are really easy to follow and definitely worth checking out.

If anyone has some better definitions of a blog than what I have written, please leave a comment!

Stay tuned for the answer to
Blogging Question 2: Why would I use blogs with my students?
Blogging Question 3: How exactly could I use blogs?
Blogging Question 4: Where do I start?
Blogging video Tutorials and support for blogging with students
5 Ways to Get into the Blogging Groove

Image is ‘Fireworks in July’ from stock.xchng


3 Responses to “Blogging Question 1: A bl-what?”

  1. Heather Blakey said

    I am really looking forward to seeing this material appear. It will be invaluable Jess.

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