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Blogging Question 3: How exactly could I use blogs with my students?

Posted by Jess Mc on March 19, 2008

As part of a few posts focussing on blogging, here is a list of ways you could use blogs with your students. Please add to it in the comments section!

Individual Student blogs:

* post reflections on their learning
* post work for peer assessment
* post work for teacher assessment
* online reflective digital portfolio of any work they have done
* online diary of their school year
* posting their opinions on a current issue and getting feedback from around the world

Here are some students’ blogs that are worth checking out:

Students from my school (who are just getting started):

Hannah – check out Hannah’s photography page for some stunning images!



Other students:


Tyrone Kidd – Technology From the Eyes of a Student

Tuna’s Aquarium

Classroom Blogs:

* display students work from class activities
* encourage parents to view and comment on classwork
* post assignments for your students – they can always access it at home, so there is no excuse for losing that homework sheet and not doing it!
* post videos and articles for your students to comment on
* add files from class that your students can access at home for reviewing
* use your blog as a starting point for learning activities, encouraging students to be more independent with their learning

Some Class Blogs to check out to get some ideas:

technoChinese – my class blog

Global Bloggers – students in Wisconsin and Australia blogging together

Year 7 English – one of Jo McLeay’s class blog. Lots of links to her students blogs as well.

If you know of some other great classroom blogs or individual student blogs, please leave a comment as I’d love to check them out!

Look out for Blogging Question 4: Where do I start?

Other useful posts on this blog about blogging:

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Blogging Question 2: Why would I use blogs with my students?

20 Reasons Why Students Should Blog


One Response to “Blogging Question 3: How exactly could I use blogs with my students?”

  1. Five friends that may not have been able to make it individually become a formidable group when working together… on social media sites and elsewhere. Others are likely to want to join that group, or at least to join in the fun… and the group certainly doesn’ t have to be formal. The bigger the collective… the more attractive its members become though at some point that group becomes a micro- community itself, with different authority levels within. Original members will likely have much credibility/ …

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