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Using slideshare for MS Powerpoint presentations online

Posted by murcha on April 12, 2008

My students and I still enjoy using powerpoint as we all have confidence in its use, it can produce great results and is user friendly.

Slideshare is a web2.0 tool which is also userfriendly and will convert MS Powerpoint presentations to be embedded into blogs and wikis, for online collaboration or use. However, if you are an educationalist, check that the site is not blocked at your institution or at the school you wish to share with.

The following instructions for using this tool are based on my experiences with uploading powerpoint to slideshare.


  • Goto www.slideshare.net and register>activate your email>Signin
  • prepare MS Powerpoint presentation
  • text needs to be a large size, especially the headings. Headings should be approx 66 points and other text 48points or greater
  • images need to be resized to keep the file size small. My experience, indicates resizing to 380 x 170 up to 500 x 233 and must be jpg
  • insert the image into the slide. It will be quite small>grab the corner handles and resize to fill the slide or appropriate area
  • When finished, test and edit, if necessary
  • Save as filetype ms ppt 2003-2007 as slideshare does not recognize yet, the latest office edition.
  • goto upload>browse and select files>select powerpoint>open. Insert a heading, appropriate tags and choose the appropriate privacy settings>publish
  • After a period of time, the slideshare is ready. Goto ‘my slideshares’>double click on appropriate selection>goto rhs of screen>choose embed (wordpress) if working with wordpress, or if edublogs use, choose the ’embed in your blog’ option>select all>copy code and embed in your blog or wiki.
  • Options for editing and deleting exist



4 Responses to “Using slideshare for MS Powerpoint presentations online”

  1. Norman said

    The main thing to remember: Do NOT use bullet points because they will put your audience to sleep. You should use as many slides as the points you want to make and limit them to one point per slide. If you want to make 50 points, use 50 slides. Never throw a page of fine prints or 10 bullet points in a single slide. People jam everything onto a singel slide becasue in the odl days you had to actually pay someone to make a 35mm slide and that cost money. Now there is no need because PowerPoint slides are free.

    Watching a good PowerPoint presentation should be like watching a documentary with you as the narrator.

    My blog gives you many examples of what to do and what not to do. Good luck.

  2. Norman said

    My blog address is http://www.nobullets.wordpress.com

  3. Powerpoint said

    Presentation with powerpoint is very good.We can present our ideas and thought efficientlty.I think slideshare powerpoint is really very good for presentation.

  4. Slideshare is one way to share presentations online. Other services worth checking out include myBrainshark and Slideboom. Slideshare doesn’t handle animation properly, which means it isn’t always the best tool available.

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