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Using slideshare for MS Powerpoint presentations online

Posted by murcha on April 12, 2008

My students and I still enjoy using powerpoint as we all have confidence in its use, it can produce great results and is user friendly.

Slideshare is a web2.0 tool which is also userfriendly and will convert MS Powerpoint presentations to be embedded into blogs and wikis, for online collaboration or use. However, if you are an educationalist, check that the site is not blocked at your institution or at the school you wish to share with.

The following instructions for using this tool are based on my experiences with uploading powerpoint to slideshare.


  • Goto www.slideshare.net and register>activate your email>Signin
  • prepare MS Powerpoint presentation
  • text needs to be a large size, especially the headings. Headings should be approx 66 points and other text 48points or greater
  • images need to be resized to keep the file size small. My experience, indicates resizing to 380 x 170 up to 500 x 233 and must be jpg
  • insert the image into the slide. It will be quite small>grab the corner handles and resize to fill the slide or appropriate area
  • When finished, test and edit, if necessary
  • Save as filetype ms ppt 2003-2007 as slideshare does not recognize yet, the latest office edition.
  • goto upload>browse and select files>select powerpoint>open. Insert a heading, appropriate tags and choose the appropriate privacy settings>publish
  • After a period of time, the slideshare is ready. Goto ‘my slideshares’>double click on appropriate selection>goto rhs of screen>choose embed (wordpress) if working with wordpress, or if edublogs use, choose the ’embed in your blog’ option>select all>copy code and embed in your blog or wiki.
  • Options for editing and deleting exist



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Sparkling Text

Posted by murcha on December 12, 2007

Students love animations and multi media. So, sometimes it is a bit of fun to add animated or sparkling text to your online sites. See a sample at http://christmas2us.wordpress.com/grade-2-christmas-musings If you goto www.sparklee.com this site allows you to choose various types of sparkling texts which can be recoloured and resized. To add animated text goto www.sparklee.com (or the site of your choice) retype and resize text appropriate to your heading, recolour if necessary. A code can be grabbed for various online sites eg facebook, myspace, wordpress, blogger etc.

Choose one and copy the appropriate code, by clicking on the code box, press control C and click on the code tab in your blog and control V to paste the code in. A search on the internet for animated text will bring up quite a number of sites.

glitter - http://www.sparklee.com

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Adding panoramic images as headers

Posted by murcha on December 5, 2007

Photos stitched into panorama

If you have downloaded the freeware Irfanview, a wonderful header for a blog or an online page can be created by stitching photos together to create a panoramic image. So, if you are in irfanview, ensure that all your digial photos are the same height and preferably same width. (Nb ensure that they are jpg and not bmp. Rename them through irfanview when you save as. I found the size 380 x 285 is good for a start) Goto image>create panorama>add image and continue adding as many images as you desire to form the header. Goto Tutorial sheet link at http://ejourneys.wikispaces.com/using+images for instructions on using irfan view. This is then saved as a jpg image and can be resized to the correct wordpress size by going to irfanview  image>resize/resample and keying in the correct height (try 770 x 223).

Note that text can also be added easily to the image. Goto edit>insert text into selection>key it in and choose colours etc.

Apex Park Hawkesdale

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Inserting Images

Posted by murcha on December 1, 2007

Having only started with web 2.0 over the last 5 months, I am really amazed at what a great resource it is for learning and teaching. A new enthausiasm has returned to both classroom teaching and the students themselves.

Students have really taken to blogging. They love going home at night, taking photos with their digital cameras, returning to school the next day and endless patience can be witnessed with the relatively tedious task of resizing their photos and renaming them. In our school we have downloaded irfanview from www.irfanview.com This is a freeware program that is just wonderful for editing images and so easy to use. It will allow you to change the brightness and contrast, alter images completely, add titles, create panoramic shots for headers etc and most importantly, rename and resize photos. …….. And lots more. For user documentation including resizing images click on this link and look for the link to tutorial sheet next to irfanview- using images online. There may be some other items of interest for you on this wiki.

 For step by step instructions for inserting images into WordPress goto http://www.dailywriting.net/Wild%20Gardeners%20eLearning/Advent2007_Day7_InsertingImages.html  and scroll down until you see the screendumps on the RHS window.

Students need to be familiar with the needs of audiences and the various outputs that their photos might need to take. Any work on the internet, really needs to be downsized considerably to allow minimum download time. As some of our work is still used for printing, photos are still taken in high resolution form and bmp files. However, students need to rename files to jpg (or gif or tif) when using it in their blogs etc.

Photos can be stored at flikr or photobucket but some of these websites are now blocked at school. Storage space on our file server is now at a premium as more videos, photos, movies etc are being taken, manipulated and worked into digital content.

Online slideshows can add extra pizazz as well. We like www.slide.com as it is an online slideshow presentation that allows images, transitions and music in the final output. Images still speak a 1000 words and students with lower literacy skills can always say what they would like through images and some text. www.smilebox.com is a download that looks really interesting and I am about to try that one with my classes. www.slideshare.com also appears to have value.

Students still really enjoy working with MS Photostory as it is so easy to use, quick to complete and gives them lots of options for motion plus music clips that can be used. These can be saved in email format and then uploaded to an online video website eg teacher tube and then either a link posted or code used to embed on their blog. I am also going to look into animoto. Our students are encouraged to create their own music using Acid 6.0 to avoid all copyright problems. Animoto allows the photos inserted to take on the beat of the music and seems to produce eyecacthing videos that look really professional.

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