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Let’s Get Blogging on…..

Posted by murcha on February 5, 2008

Last week, despite personal mental and physical exhaustion coping with first week back at school, one crashed computer lab and intermittent internet access, my students on Friday, set up their own blog space. We decided to enrol with global students, as our experience with edublogs did not work last year. (possibly our school’s tight security.) Following are the steps we took.

Pre-Learning activities

  1. Viewed some online blog sites, including our own backyard site (where I would grab their writing and images and post them online myself) and discussed content and appearance.
  2. One group was given the responsibility of commenting back on a youthradio blog that we will be involved with this year. I quickly checked content and spelling to ensure comments were suitable and discussed etiquette and the need for saying where they were from. (but no personal details!!)

Going online

  1. Each student applied for a blog, checked their emails, activated the response, got their username and password) and then logged on.
  2. Each student had to set a minimum of 5 goals for the year, three had to be school related and two could be personal. (a very interesting excersice and will summarize the results at some stage as it was a rather eye-opening one)
  3. We kept the post simple except for some basic formatting and will look at presentation more fully next week (although the geeks were off and running and found that option early on.)
  4. Students then created a cartoon to illustrate some portion of their blog. Most are still working on this and it does add interest to the post. They created the cartoon, made a screen dump and resized the image and saved it through MS Paint. Then uploaded it into their blog.
  5. I am in the process of linking all their blogs to this blog and will ensure that I have administrative rights over their blogs.

As our students as a whole call themselves technokids, each year level has techno in front of it. Scroll down this blog and some year 9s and 10s (technoteens)  have completed their first post. (eg Tarzy, Dhugsy) Even our challenging group of ex-year 9 boys were focused on the task and enjoyed the challenge.


  • All students, from the least to the most literate, completed 5 goals (only a few struggled to find 5)
  • Would have liked a little more depth to some of their goals and had to push them to explain some of their sporting goals.
  • They enjoyed making cartoons and enhancing the presentation
  • The geeks were off and running – discovering all sorts of areas of wordpress that took me months to find
  • The comments we made on youth radio ended up in Kevin’s spam box. They were quickly retrieved. Hint:  email your host informing them that comments have been made.

Post lesson acitivity: will endeavour to reply to student posts with comments plus try and get form teachers to do so as well.

Postscript Would you believe my digital students (more precisely, the year 10 boys) are still off and running and what it took me 6 months to learn, they are already doing linking their blogs to each other, adding comments, telling the others to hurry up and moderate etc? It is truly, a baby boomer teaching the generation Y. Cant wait to see what they do next and I am sure they will teach me a lot.

Some or most, actually, have now been working on their blogs at home and added extra posts. To check them out try the links called technoteens on the RHS of my blog and try Flick, Tarzy, Glenn, Nat and Chatty for a start. Nat has started to upload the little digital movies that he has made on a movie page.


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