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Santa leaves presents in the strangest places

Posted by murcha on December 12, 2007

What a weird heading, you might ask!!! However, one of our grade 5 boys needed to use the bathroom and duly sought permission to leave the classroom. hawk1.jpgAfter some time, he was back to tell me that there was a chicken hawk (a gosshawk) in the boys toilets. Santa leaves the strangest presents in the strangest places!!!

The big rescue operation went into action. Phone calls were made to local native bird keepers to get nets and other gosshawkneeded gear. However, one of our teachers who is a farmer and extremely fit and agile, reached up to the high ledge and caught the terrified bird. A bevy of excited students soon surrounded the teacher and bird. After a short photographic session, the gosshawk was finally released into the great outdoors.

nb The digital camera was at the ready, and photos were taken. These were duly resized and renamed to jpg, to enable uploading online. Some of the photos have been added to this blog.

released into the air


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