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Producing online movies

Posted by murcha on December 19, 2007

Some year 8 girls were given the challenge to produce a short movie on Christmas in Australia through the eyes of a child. They independently interviewed students from prep through to grade 5 and asked these students what they wanted for Christmas or what Christmas meant to them. A cheaper, simple desktop microphone was used to record their voices directly into the software, audacity. (a free download software). After some editing, the interviews were converted into an mp3 file. (A codec needs to be downloaded from the audacity site, otherwise it will be a wav file which is far too large for online use.)

The audacity window

audacity toolbar

Photos of Christmas crafts, activities, lights and decorations around school and Hawkesdale were then taken. After careful selection, photos were imported into MS Photostory. Effects were added, and the mp3 interview file imported. The story was then made into a movie for playback on the computer.

To enable music to also play in the background, we had to use a more professional software package, called Vegas Movie Studio by Sony. This allows a number of sound tracks to be added and easier insertion of text, for headers and credit rolls. The internet was searched for “free mp3 Christmas songs” and a large number of sites were located. However, our service provider had blocked many of our first choice, so we used a couple from sites that we could access. A right click on the link to the mp3 file, allowed us to save that song into our folders and then import into Movie Studio.

Once titles, extra sound tracks and the photostory movie were imported, an mpg movie was created (in PAL format for Australian screens) and saved again on our hard drive. To allow online use, it was saved again but this time as an email (wmv version at 512 kps). Having already registered with teacher tube, it was uploaded onto teachertube following their very simple instructions.

Hints for speaking with a microphone:

Some of our student voices are not recorded well. A teaching friend has since given us these hints:-
if students hold the microphone just below their chin and put their fist on
their chest, the sound seems to work better for recording. No air flow into the
microphone and more even volume from person to person.


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