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Sparkling Text

Posted by murcha on December 12, 2007

Students love animations and multi media. So, sometimes it is a bit of fun to add animated or sparkling text to your online sites. See a sample at http://christmas2us.wordpress.com/grade-2-christmas-musings If you goto www.sparklee.com this site allows you to choose various types of sparkling texts which can be recoloured and resized. To add animated text goto www.sparklee.com (or the site of your choice) retype and resize text appropriate to your heading, recolour if necessary. A code can be grabbed for various online sites eg facebook, myspace, wordpress, blogger etc.

Choose one and copy the appropriate code, by clicking on the code box, press control C and click on the code tab in your blog and control V to paste the code in. A search on the internet for animated text will bring up quite a number of sites.

glitter - http://www.sparklee.com


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